Celebrating my years as a professional speaker, help my goal this year is to provide the “Developing Leadership Workbook”.  The effort will start with the distribution of the workbooks to illustrate the importance of clarifying goals, practicing the small efforts necessary for success and accepting responsibility for one’s own destiny.  The workbooks will help people to make the transition from passively waiting for life to happen to actively pursing their dreams.

We’re talking about empowering people by providing the tools to help them become the next generation of achievers, and to make a positive contribution to their peers, families, communities, and country.  If one message can change a life, there are enormous possibilities to change or improve the lives of hundreds of thousands who simply need a mentor, message, concept, or philosophy associated with their personal development.

I will provide copies of the Developing Leadership Program at cost to you including breakout content information to be used by facilitators. In addition to the Developing Leadership Workbooks we will distribute a DVD of my presentation and a CD of the data files from the workbook contents for easy reproduction.

This extraordinary offer of a Work Book, CD, and DVD, normally would sell for over a hundred dollars, now available to you for only $19.95, plus Shipping and handling.

Contact me for information on how we can make your leadership program a reality. Please send check or money order for $25.00 for your copy today. (Please no credit cards).

Yours for a brighter tomorrow,

Harvey Alston C.E.O. Best, Inc.